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1.1 Information about the diagnosis can help you move forward

Supporting someone with a dementia diagnosis is not easy. Understanding more about dementia can help you better prepare and adapt to life with dementia.

A person you care for has been diagnosed with dementia  

Whether you were expecting the diagnosis or not, it is a very difficult thing to hear. You probably have many mixed feelings about the diagnosis. This is normal.  

Receiving a diagnosis is the first step in moving forward with dementia. Having a name for the disease helps explain the changes you have noticed in the person you support. Knowing more about dementia and its symptoms helps you know what to expect, what you can do to support the person with dementia, and how to look after yourself as well. 

Many people with dementia and their care partners live meaningful lives

Many people with dementia and their care partners (i.e., family members or friends) live meaningful, full lives after diagnosis. 

The information included on this website is based on what people with dementia and their care partners have shared with us – their good and bad experiences, challenges they’ve faced and solutions they’ve used, combined with up-to-date research. The information and suggestions provided will help you choose your own path forward with dementia