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3.1 Managing symptoms to achieve what’s most important

Live a meaningful life with dementia with the help of strategies and therapies

Figure out what is important in your life

Sometimes it feels like dementia can get in the way of living your life.  

To live well with dementia, you need to figure out what living a meaningful life means to you.   

Myrna was eager to share her story about living well after being diagnosed with dementia. When Myrna was asked about challenging the notion that ‘nothing can be better’, her response was, “Things can be better. We can actually take steps to make them better. We know that there are certain tools that we can use, from going for a walk in nature to listening to music, that can actually improve our life. ” <Read more about Myrna’s life after diagnosis here.> 

Jill’s meaningful life might mean to work on her family farm, whereas Giovanni’s meaningful life might include his morning walk and coffee with friends. Priyanka’s meaningful life might revolve around spending time with her grandchildren, whereas Bruno’s meaningful life might involve spending time on his hobby train collection. 


Figure out what is getting in the way of life

Next to each thing that’s important to you, write down how dementia might get in the way. Try to be realistic and accurate. For example, rather than writing “I can’t play bridge any more”, write “I struggle to think ahead in bridge, and often make mistakes”. 

Use the Living My Life My Way worksheet which has examples to help guide you to complete your own.

Learn about strategies, therapies and services

Information and strategies on this website may help reduce the impact of dementia on your life and things you enjoy. You can also create strategies yourself, or think of strategies by talking to your friendsfamily, doctor, or other health professional. 

Use the Living My Life My Way worksheet which has examples to help guide you to complete your own.

Write Your “Living My Life My Way” Plan