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5.4 Talk to your family about your future wishes

Express your wishes for the future through your advance care plan and power of attorney.

Many people find it uncomfortable to think about a future situation in which they are disabled or dying. It can also be uncomfortable or upsetting to think about a time when you may not have the capacity to make decisions on your own. Because of this, many people do not talk to their family about what they would want to happen in these circumstances. This means that certain types of care might be provided that is not in-line with their wishes. Or, that a family has to make a very difficult decision on behalf of the person without knowing what their preferences are (e.g., does the person want to be resuscitated if their heart stops beating?).  

Talking to your family or those closest to you lets them know what your future wishes and preferences are, and the care you want to receive should you no longer be capable of expressing your wishes.  

This conversation (or conversations) can be really hard, but it’s important to have them now and to continue to have the conversation in the future.  

Talk to family and friends

  • Discuss what you want if you are no longer able to make decisions, and for when you pass away