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2.2 Working through your feelings is a positive step

Express and talk through your feelings about the dementia diagnosis.

It is important to acknowledge and come to terms with your feelings

Things you can do include:

  • Express your feelings. It is perfectly OK to cry. Tears are one way that help you let go of built-up emotions.
  • Accept your feelings. Know there is no ‘right’ way to feel. Some care partners may have thoughts they feel are unacceptable, such as anger toward the person with dementia. You are not alone; these thoughts are quite common.
  • Talk about your feelings. You can talk to someone you know and trust or to a professional counselor that is outside of your social circle. Counseling is strictly confidential and provides the opportunity to speak openly about feelings that may seem too sensitive to discuss with others. Talking with another person can help put your thoughts and feelings into perspective. Sharing your thoughts can also help ease the intensity of the emotions. Click here to view information about finding counseling services available near you.
  • Write about your feelings. Some people prefer to work through worries and feelings by writing them down. You can try writing in a journal, a letter to your future self, or letters to other people (that are not intended to be sent) as a way of releasing anger, frustration, guilt, and distress. Getting thoughts and feelings out of your head and down on paper can help you to understand them more clearly and feel more in control.

Things you can do to work through your feelings

  • Talk to family and/or friends about your feelings. Share your feelings about dementia and talk through the reasons for your feelings.
  • Write down your thoughts and feelings about dementia in a journal or a notepad. If you don’t know where to start, write a letter to your future self, or someone you love.

Find additional support

Contact your local Alzheimer Society To find your local Alzheimer’s Society click your provincial link below. On the top left of the page, you can click “Change your Society” and select your local chapter.

  • Alzheimer Society of British Columbia: Click Here 
  • Alzheimer Society of Alberta and Northwest Territories: Click Here 
  • Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan: Click Here 
  • Alzheimer Society of Manitoba: Click Here 
  • Alzheimer Society of Ontario: Click Here 
  • Alzheimer Society of Québec: Click Here 
  • Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick: Click Here 
  • Alzheimer Society of Prince Edward Island: Click Here 
  • Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia: Click Here 
  • Alzheimer Society of Newfoundland and Labrador: Click Here 

Call toll-free: 1-800-616-8816, and ask to be directed to your local society.