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Webinar: Promoting Hope through Culturally-Specific Resources

People living with dementia and caregivers have a right to information that is aligned with their unique culture, and can support them to live fulfilling lives and have hope for their future.

It is critical that resources and education are culturally-relevant as well as available in multiple languages.

In this previously recorded webinar, you will hear from Carrie McAiney, Schlegel Research Chair in Dementia, and Navjot Gill, Ph.D. Candidate – Public Health (Aging, Health and Well-being), as they discuss:

  • the importance of culturally-specific dementia resources,
  • how Forward with Dementia is addressing cultural gaps,
  • co-designing dementia resources for the Chinese, Italian, and South Asian communities.

Visit the Schlegel-UW Research Institute youtube channel to re-watch the webinar. The recordings are available for viewing in both English and French

This phase of the Forward with Dementia initiative is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.